“Oh My Gawd! Fun With Bank Fraud!” – M.O.C. #119

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  1. Who is the band at the end of #119? Can you make a running list of the bands/songs you use for MOC. One of your earlier MOC introduced me to The Darlings. Anyway keep up the good work.

  2. Thieves should take note, there’s a new paradigm to follow when it comes to stealing. Make sure your robbery is on a mega scale, just follow the steps in the banksters’ new book “Grand Larceny for Dummies.” The facts are you go to jail for getting caught stealing change from a 7-11 but not for stealing billions from the public, and here’s why. When you steal billions of dollars, you can use a hefty portion of the proceeds to buy the best lawyers and also buy off a dozen or more venal politicians. I know venal politicians is a redundant expression, I was just seeing if anybody was paying attention. So the moral of the story is to steall billions and use the loot to pay off the politicians to write laws to set you free. VIOLA! It’s so simple.

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