“America Is Too Fat, Skinny, & Free!” – MOC #156

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  1. Hey Lee,

    I post your clips on my FB page every Friday morning. Just thought I’d let you know there are people who’ve never heard of you you are now getting to enjoy your comedy.



  2. Some Yoga students feel that overeating is a form of stealing, that just do happens to automatically paradoxically, also punishes the thief, and therefore creates suffering at each end of the misdeed somewhat like a circular ‘human centipede’, and I can see some face validity to that argument,; just throwing that idea out there.

    Contrary to what our parents may or may not have told us, we do not need to finish everything on our plates in one sitting, just to fatten ourselves like goose or duck liver foie gras, because of the fact this world does still have those starving children starving in it, but just flat out trowing away good food so nobody can use it in a world were people become sick and die from lack of food, seems to be much like stealing the food out of their hungry mouths.

    And I’m no fuckin hagfish lawyer, (fun fact:actual hagfish are the only animal besides the lawyer known to have a skull, but no backbone, and the parallels between hagfish and lawyers don’t stop there, just Google hagfish if you have a strong stomach), but being morbidly obese at the very same time as someone else dies of starvation, could almost be considered accessory to murder, or at least a degree of manslaughter, couldn’t it not?

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