Obama Becomes The First Peace Prize Winner to Bomb Another Peace Prize Winner

A Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan was bombed over the weekend. This is a very rare instance of a Nobel Peace Prize winner bombing another Peace Prize Winner. In fact, it’s the first. Also – these doctors don’t just have ironic bombs to worry about, the TPP will make their jobs that much harder as well! Lee Camp explains.

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  1. I cant fathom the psychological damage our government has done to the brains of just its citizens alone, when they tell us we are the white hats, the good guys and just through a thin veil of sheer deception that becomes more obvious everyday, the government goes and wreaks its hypocritical havoc on the most vulnerable and the generous souls that risk their lives to care for them, and call it an ‘oops’. Call me crazy, but that is just unacceptably fucked up!

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