NY Times Supports This? (MOC)

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  1. El Mandito,

    Since money is no object, come Back East to DC & be part of studio audience for LEE CAMP’s show Redacted Tonight.

    Beers after the show with Lee! And, sign up for his newsletter for info on when he travels to Colorado.

  2. I am an early retired Voluntaryist/Anarchist… with a gift for gab…and a penchant for brutal honesty.
    I’d really like to “have that beer” with you sometime, that you mentioned. How can we make this happen? I’m in Colorado…

    I feel my “talent”…is currently untapped…and could be put to use in your service. You could facilitate that…
    I don’t need money…and I sure as hell don’t need fame…
    Let me know… ?☮️

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