No New Episode This Week

Hey Redacted fans – There will not be a new episode tonight because RT America is airing a 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina special. But we will be back with an all new episode next week! …Keep fighting, my friends.

  1. Lee,

    You really should have said some something on Facebook and YouTube about there not being an episode of Redacted Tonight this week so that there can be coverage on the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Not knowing the reason for the missing episode almost caused something of an incident of literally galactic proportions. You see we are aliens from the M81 Galaxy and we receive transmissions from all the RT channels and get onto your Earthling Internet via an invisible satellite we placed in orbit around your planet that, as one of its many functions, instantaneously transmits and receives radio, television, and Internet signals. Anyway, we in the M81 Galaxy did not know when we were going to get our next Redacted fix and thought that maybe your show was cancelled and/or you got kidnapped by some Tea Party thugs or something. In fact, the Supreme Galactic Chancellor of M81 was getting to mount a search-and-rescue for you and then have a chat with the RT people about getting your apparently canceled show back on the air. Anyway, now that we know you’ll be back this Friday and that you’re going to keep fighting, I shall inform the Chancellor to turn down the Galactic Scaredy-Alien-Cat Alert from Tealish-Infrared back down to Greenish-Ultraviolet. If you are ever worn down from the fight, just remember that there is an entire galaxy pulling for you in the Ursa Major constellation (also known as the Big Dipper, or as you may be more familiar with calling it, “the bigger of the two giant rum punch ladles in the sky”).

    Sincerely yours,

    Quafleembeechuck Skonsmroo (aka “Chuck the Alien”)

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