My Review of the DNC 2020 – A Reality Show For Oligarchs!

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  1. I understand your frustrations Lee..I get angry too..I hope you can relax after this also reminded me of how Obama took away much of our first amendment rights or free speech by allowing one of our government bio labs to create anthrax .this also happened during Obama’s term in office… really good show..thanks

  2. Keep up the good work Lee,

    Conventions are nothing more than high school pep rallies.The democratic team, the republican team. Government which doesn’t; actually have or earn or make money other than printing it is divided into the two TEAMs. One team wants to take my money and give it to people who don’t have it earn it. The other team wants to give it to the richest lot of the people or say to them you don’t have to pay into the system because yea we know your stone cold ruthless cheap skates and we are going to cater to you because yea your the winners and you help us get elected. So they get a tax cut pass which the government then takes from me also the worker, yea I’m working versus the non workers, but hey technically I’m still poor the working poor, running my ass off on a tread mill never getting ahead till the day I retire. Politician republican Rats I need my money more than you need my money. Politician democratic rats I need my money more than you need my money. I need my money more than you need my money to give to unemployed Jerome and his stable full of unwed moms all gaming and mooching the system. I need my money more than you need to give it to scorporations bail out fix while the corrupt Ceos take a hike with golden parachute packages and then they take the bailout money and buy other companies out. I need my money more than you need my money to stick our noses over seas starting yet more perpetual wars with no exit strategy or aftermath strategy for peace time. I need my money more than Jocko needs my money to the tune of $50 million a year ripping me off with over endorsed overpriced products. I need my money more than TV tart who thinks she’s worth $25 million a year. The worker the middle class needs their money more than any other stinking upper or lower class mothor fockers think they need my hard earned money.

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