My first stand-up comedy special in over 4 years is finally HERE! Just go to and use the promo code “UNCLESAM” to get 25% off. A full hour of my live stand-up, and 10% of the sales goes to Veterans For Peace and Food & Water Watch. Go to to watch the trailer and get the special!

  1. Hi Jeff, try logging out and logging in again. But I’m also forwarding your issue to my tech dept. We’ll get the special to you or you’ll get your money back. Very sorry!

  2. I entered username and password and paid, then upon logging in it says invalid username.
    Should have told me that before i paid.

    Where does one go to report problems with orders?

  3. I would like to buy but I need to know if it’s captioned. The trailer was captioned but what about the rest of it?

  4. I pre-ordered it but it hasn’t registered that I did and it’s still asking me to purchase it.

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