Moment of Clarity IS BACK!!!

Moment of Clarity is back after a long hiatus. In this episode I explain how to make people not care about murder victims. It’s quite simple actually, and it’s a trick our government uses on a daily basis. All you have to do is make sure to murder “unpersons.” I’ll explain who those are in this video.

  1. How did some of the frequently genuinely intelligent sounding women of redacted/&rt get into doing the pro-hilary / usa 1990’s pop-tv-looking group-think “go vote hilary cause she’s a gender” (aired on arty in about early summer ’16). Okay, so most of the demgop leadship & buddies did the fear and or gender game, dnc (the Don’t let ’em vote dnc) and even bern and ewarren were no-better like-too-usual in the potential pivotal moments….. yet how do people like LCamp, AMartin, CHedges, JStein…… how stay sane with that. Perhaps the increase in expletives (i think there’s been an increase in moments of clarity for some) is only small part of the result?
    Understandably on the expletives; yet, keep improving and steering towards the positives (instead of Bernie’s demgop ‘insider estab.’ peeps & photo-op buddies).
    (Don’t be like that 2016 genders&fearmongers for hilary airing nor the trumpking throwing the drowning world rolls of paper towels)

  2. Refreshing as always, nice bed head! Gives me the visual of you so concerned about the state of our world that you jump out of bed to get the word out even before you have a coffee! I’ll make you a cup of good, fair trade, organic rich espresso with a bit of organic coconut sugar and touch of free range organic heavy cream, you will never want it any other way! So, as I drink my delicious cup of slightly sweet, rich, slightly bitter goodness I also share its goodness with you! (Intent is there, sorry the real coffee isn’t!) Keep fighting!

  3. Awesomeness has returned!
    Something good to start this day!
    i look forward to these again friend Lee!
    Thanks for all you do!

  4. “He’s raven mad!” -MH
    Cool to see a good ol’ fashioned MOC! That said, the show is getting better and better! Good stuff as usual Lee, not the reality of what you said of course, but thanks for clearing things up. Keep fighting!

  5. When you described those conditions, my thoughts go immediately to corporate sacrifice zones and people living where fracking is largely unregulated ~ our fellow citizens should be first and foremost those we help first … when you mentioned Gaza, I thought, well them too, but there’s only so much help a nation in decline can give, and that every time we’ve intervened in the Middle East, it’s turned out badly for us ~ perhaps a humanitarian relief effort might just be the sort of change of pace that would be worthwhile to try …

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