MOC Podcast #78 – Interview with Kelly Carlin plus my plan to decrease corporate power

  1. Kinda doubt it, but give it a go! Honestly I think that they don’t give enough thought to how much their job will fuck them up. One guard was on CNN saying that many of them suffer from PTSD.

  2. I seriously doubt they’re capable of much in the way of remorse. He WAS after all, a black man in Georgia, the very heart of the New Confederacy and the only state packed with more Teaper nut jobs than Texas.

    These people are incapable of normal human though because they’ve had the gene for normal compassion and concern for their fellow man bred out of them over centuries of incest and inbreeding.

    So while I doubt that the GSC has anyone on it who would appear in public in ANY T-shirt, it won’t be remorse or conscience that keeps them from wearing yours.

  3. Did not know Kelly had a show, I must check that out on SIR! I love her laugh 🙂 We are designing some T-shirts to send to the entire Georgia Supreme Court and a few guards that say I KILLED Troy Davis. Think they will wear them?

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