MOC #53 – The TRUTH About China (w/ Danny Haiphong)

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  1. Outstanding show. The US-PRC conflict came up about 8 years ago with articles all called ‘The Thucydides Trap’. A guest on RT said that comparing the US and the PRC to Sparta and Athens was rather far-fetched, but the basic principle was about an established hegemon and a rising hegemon, which frequently resulted in war.

    Given that the New York Times, BBC, CNN, etc., etc., report that they have hundreds of witnesses who have seen the Concentration Camps in Xinjiang, seen the rapes, spoken to the rape victims, trying to refute the reports is difficult. The only source that does not reiterate the usual line is The Gray Zone, but they provide ample proof that the ‘hundreds of witnesses’ start with 8 people who claim to have spoken to hundreds of Uighurs each, but none have any proof they have ever been to the PRC or that they have actually interviewed any Uighurs, and all have proven ties to the US/UK intelligence services.

    US/UK reporters say they have actually seen the atrocities in Xinjiang, but when they reported on these atrocities, they were expelled from the PRC. Of course we know they were telling the truth, since they did all their investigation of these atrocities from their offices in Shanghai, and anyone who looks at a map can see that Xinjiang is easily visible from Shanghai, so we must believe these reporters. Besides, they all received ample support from the US/UK Intelligence Services, so we know their reports must be truthful, since the US/UK intelligence services have an unblemished record of always telling the truth: Just ask the BBC, the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC.

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