MOC #234 – YOU Are A Slave And Here’s How

  1. Thank you, menix, for your validating and corroborative comment. He does mention John Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hitman, and it is well worth the read, for most of us.

    Also, most people I know are continually pressuring their kids to “go ahead and get the diploma, and stop whining about the debt, because everybody has to do it, because we’ve always done it”, because “it’ll help you get more money”, and people who don’t are harming “us” because they’re afraid of getting off their asses and doing a little work (just like the rest of us have “always” done). Ummm…

    When you always do what you’ve always done…

    Thanks BIG, as always, Lee! xo

  2. As always, Lee Camp nailed this. Very funny and more importantly very TRUE. I come from a developing country and this is a very vital issue. But not so many politicians here have had the balls to go against US dictates when it comes to those SAPs (structural adjustment policies) that legitimize privatization and deregulation, and debt servicing that gets the a huge chunk out of our national budget. However, in this video, Lee presents those big banks and imperialist governments as politely offering other countries debts (and also in the case of the student loans). I would like to point out that this might obscure the fact that these opportunists enforces these debts upon others, by way of limiting options in very desperate economic situations.

    Still, Lee, you are a hero. Mwah!

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