MOC #11 – What Happened To The Russian Threat?

  1. I read 3 pages of the Mueller report (and the establishment media precis). The 3 pages were all computer code with notes: ‘This code proves Russia hacked the 2016 election.’ The report said it could not say Trump was guilty of collusion, but, as the MSM said, that meant the proof did not meet the standards of a criminal trial, ‘beyond a reasonable doubt,’ and the fact that it did not meet that standard of proof obviously proves that it did meet the standards of a civil trial, ‘a preponderance of the evidence’. So Trump was obviously guilty of collusion. If one cannot trust the MSM, whom can one trust?
    Of course, anyone who can read computer code knows that the authors of the Mueller Report cannot, but one must not hold that against them. They had a job to do, and that job was to prevent Trump’s election in 2016. Having failed, their job was to get enough evidence to prevent his inauguration. Oops. Having failed, their job was obviously to get him impeached and convicted. Everyone knows that was their solemn duty, they took an oath to defend the US, and that oath obviously meant they were obliged to protect the US from Trump and get Pence instead (of course, the Democrats, who have trouble reading, thought they were working to get St Hillary as president, but Comey hated both St Hillary and Trump, and really, really liked Pence).

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