Media Admits CIA Killed JFK For First Time!

  1. The book ‘Double Cross’ by Chuck Giancanna (younger brother of former Chicago mafia boss Sam Giancanna) tells the inside story of the CIA and the mob killing Kennedy. (and lots of other stuff) It was first published in 1992 .

  2. in case you read these, l don’t log into you-tube because screw them and their pathetic policing of free speech and opinion because l upset some soy little wimp, anyway, the limp dicks at youtube must have coped a scare at the twitter files dump, suddenly, into my unlogged in feed, there is government secrets 104 and 105, and oh look, moment of clarify, 7 hours old. Now you are off the naughty list, maybe you can ask for your old files back? It’s google, they delete NOTHING!! it will be there somewhere. good luck with your future. ps. what blows me away, you see ALL the government BS yet you believe the climate scam??!! l guess you also got jabbed(TM) and boosted.. even after covering the “spanish” flu in government secrets. you know “carbon footprint” is a BP pr marketing scam to push their pollution onto the little guy, they read the tea leaves and knew what was coming.

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