Lula Returns, Bolsonaro Flees to Florida, & Guaido Is Done!

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  1. Any chance of revisiting Peru situ❓ Where US troops have been in-country since 2018 – contributing directly to Peru’s worst COVID performance in the world: 6,826 deaths/million, double US rate (US is 13th worst in world); but overthrow (1) of newly-elected indigenous President (last spring) by Peru Congress representing Peru elites is the 5th CIA-backed coup (1st was CIA’s first coup, in 1948; 4 th was in 1968). US has leaned on Latin American allies to support this, under yet another egregious expression of Monroe doctrine imperialism to cost of majority of population, sustainable econ policies & preservation of green space esp. Upper Amazon.
    Unable to find online post you made ~ month ago about issues in play in Peru (part of post which also converted Argentina situ). Have got fair amount of pushback online on this perspective – very clear fix is in at UN, but Peruvian situ is appalling, from COVID deaths to in-country disruption by US troops. With Lulu taking power in Brazil, Peru will be a vector for right wing attacks there. Would be timely for followup – similar situ imho, to scandal around US Africom unaccountable guerrilla actions across 20+ African countries in past 3-4 years, to say nothing of ongoing drone disruption & deaths on 6 continents

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