Leaked Texts Reveal How Party Insiders Stopped Progressives! (Web Exclusive)

6 responses to “Leaked Texts Reveal How Party Insiders Stopped Progressives! (Web Exclusive)”

  1. Gayle Wells says:

    These globalists are working together. That is clear now. The corporate oligarchs want and are ruling over all of us and coordinating globally. We need a global people’s movement!

  2. Robert smith says:

    Lol you’ve got you’d Jesus halo on 😂

  3. William Shearer says:

    Party insiders have been stopping the left for the last hundred years.

  4. Roger Winkler says:

    Thanks Lee !
    It’s so refreshing to hear words emerging from from a head that actually functions; you make me feel less alone in Zombieland.

  5. Banana says:

    Bernie should’ve been running on the Green Party ticket. All his policies are lockstep with the Green Party. Of course it’s too late for that now. 🙁

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