LEAKED: List Of Bernie Sanders’ Executive Actions If President (Web Exclusive)

  1. The more Americans argue against such LOGICAL things like “Medicare for all”, and against the FULL LEGALIZATION OF CANNABIS, the more they themselves prove that America NEEDS exactly such Reforms!

    The levels of stupid in the USA (and Down Asunder, “the 51st US state”), are from the deliberate efforts by the political right power houses as of Trump’s Republicans.

    But near-as the same anti-education, hence “anti-Intelligence”, hence CLASS-DIVISION, and “wealth-for-the-most-corrupt and nothing for the poor” policies have been keeping Americans’ stupid for centuries and have long been the policy by both of the big-two parties.


    Of all candidates for the 2020 POTUS election, Bernie Sanders​ is THE candidate most fit, intelligent and able to break the stranglehold that the “big two” parties have on all aspects of America’s economics, education, business, finance, and laws, etc.

    Including his acknowledgment that the planet is facing a major environmental crisis, and that we all must immediately commit to maximum reforms to slow, stop and reverse our human-made ecological catastrophes, which, in the long term, would have Americans wake up to the criminal nature of their “two party system”, and to correct all things “politics”.

    The only reason any Americans cannot stand with Bernie Sanders and his platforms of Reforms and of Socialist elements, is because of the appalling American education system failures instituted by the callous, and equally stupid, wealthy elite.



  2. Mitch McConnell shirtless…eek! No shirtless politicians, I don’t need to know who owns them that badly.

  3. No Blue Collar Boom, but a Bubble Close to Bursting: Wall Street’s Demands for Subsidized 14-Day Repo Money Exceed Offerings from New York Fed on Tuesday and Thursday; Suspicions Grow That a Zombie Bank May Be Approaching Insolvency; Total Cash Injections to Ward Off Liquidity Crunch Now at $6.7 Trillion.
    Democrats Must Stop Squawking and Show Voters That Under Trump, It Will Be Medicare for None 2024.
    Defeat of Trump Is Only Issue — Everything Else Depends on His Ouster.
    Also, War on Poor//Working folks continues=
    Trump to Propose $4.8 Trillion Budget With Big Safety-Net Cuts
    White House boosts funds for military, veterans and aims to reduce deficits by $4.6 trillion over a decade, in part through curbs on Medicare, Medicaid. Repeat Big Safety-Net Cuts – WSJ

  4. Hit the nail right on the head! Doing something positive, unlike CNN & MSNBC, we need more news media like yours!

  5. By the way, when a declaration of climate emergency is made, I hope they address the big fat white elephant in the room which is the geoengineering of the weather, and all of the chemtrails up there in the sky.
    Unlike the “person of the year”, young climate activists, Greta Thunberg.
    Obviously her parents don’t want her to bring that up, not in the script.

  6. It all makes god damn sense to me too, Lee!
    My head spins at the fact that there are people out there in which these things do not make sense to.
    I guess 50% of them are just brain dead, and the other 50% are greedy MF’ers, or both.
    Thanks for the info, and the videos, Lee Camp.
    You help me to hold on to what little sanity I have left from all of this BS going on in the world.

  7. People, if you believe in Sanders, GET OUT AND VOTE.

    Thanks for the information all the time Lee.

    Also come back to Pittsburgh.

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