Why Jill Stein Is Suddenly Dangerous To The Corporate Ruling Class

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  1. If we can’t govern ourselves, we deserve to be in chains. Not to mention the so called Fore Fathers were not about or for freedom. They were only interested in being the “ruling class”, not to mention they were afraid the people would meddle in their affairs. America is still living in the faux romantic past. Catalonia got it right in 1936. Direct-Democracy is the only way to be free. Fun fact direct-Democracy is also known as Anarchy, that’s why the MSM uses the term “chaos” when talking about it, to scare people into voting for corrupt ruling elites. Sad.

  2. Mr. Camp,
    You’re Directly ON It, again, and thank you very much. I’m thinkin’ Stein would make a truly great Chief Executive for America, if we ever get ready to take back our Democracy, again. It would be refreshing to swear someone in who’s in possession of a full set of Human senses, instead of the usual Corpirate celebrity, corruption-burnt, war criminal weasels… But throwing Jill Stein into the White House would be a terrible, and likely terminal, thing to visit upon a Person who hasn’t done anything to anyone, yet, and has done a considerable span of service FOR People… jes’ sayin’… It’s not ‘A Person’ we’re reaching for, IT’S PEOPLE, like ordinary wheezing, farting People, getting all the way up, like bipeds…like Lee Camp! Cheers!!

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