Issues In The Democratic Debates That Are Only There Thanks To Activists

  1. (Is there a limit?)

    ‘Climate change’, (“Climate catastrophes” an updated term for it), and why, imo, the DNC refuses to discuss it publicly in their debates.

    In short, if they or any mainstream US party, especially at such as presidential election campaigns, DID seriously debate it, they probably know that bringing into the mainstream domains, the cruxes of causes, ie., big corp global industrial mass-production thus mass-over-production/consumption, OF EVERYTHING, could, and yes, SHOULD, crash what holds the whole western culture down.

    Our never regulated industrialized planet is why the global ecosystem is dying.
    ALL major political parties from the lead candidates down to the office cleaners, etc., rely totally upon those planet-killing corporate FORPROFIT cash-cows for their wealth and off-the-chain egocentric lifestyles.

    Here’s the link to my latest rant on the issues the DNC and such will NEVER discuss, come to ‘climate and environmental concerns’;

    (Psst? Got any weed?)

  2. Can I post this?
    These Righteous “Aussie Farms” Doodes, posted (to Facebook) the most shocking video short doco on animal cruelty in Australia a month back, which was enough to make me stop ever again eating chicken eggs.
    But today’s post by them is their “Submission to the Inquiry Into the Impact of Animal Rights Activism on Victorian Agriculture”, as the link goes to.
    Just seeing one photo in this item showing how male chicks are macerated (Figure 2: Maceration of male chicks), makes me more pissed about humans.
    So, knowing you know, I give this link to maybe have you and your big media make an issue of the overall devilry of today’s off-the-chain meat industries?




  3. Hey DOODE! “Universal Basic Income”, great idea/policy!
    But it struck me that if it was in, wouldn’t the speculators leap into taking rude advantage of the millions suddenly having that much to use? Especially in jacking rents up!
    Maybe not? But, it would probably require a fuller revision of laws around rents etc, to avoid the usual c(r)apitalisation on and of incomes as mostly done by the realty ass-whose.



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