Free Assange Poster

art by Lucy Dyer

  1. Thank You for this link. Excellent work ???
    Would like to point out that wikileaks has also got free links for other posters stickers and banners on fb and Twitter. Search Somerset bean for the links, or wikileaks pages.

  2. Thankyou, now I don’t feel so helpless.
    I’ll be posting all over Fremantle and suburbs!

  3. Thank you for the link to print the free poster, I dont understand why Wikileaks arent doing this in their shop, posters, banners, stickers?

  4. Lenin Moreno’s father must be turning over in his grave.
    Is there anything money cannot buy?

  5. Google Chrome is giving me a warning that your site is not safe. The link had https:// in it but chrome is putting redlines through that part.
    I had to choose advanced settings to bypass the warning.
    Likely it’s the establishment trying to censor you .

  6. And to think that the main stream media coverage here in Australia preferred to focus the headline stories about JA ‘disrespectfully’ riding his skateboard around inside the Equadorian embassy whilst imprisoned there for 8yrs!!!

    Posters are fantastic grassroots idea for those of us who feel helpless as we watch this witch-hunt play out!

    Very clever and witty reporting of the Truth @LeeCamp ! Keep it coming mate!! G

  7. Can folks please ditch Twitter and Facebook like I did since we are wasting out energy on tools that will literally censor us.

    Get a Mastodon Account which is decentralized the same way email is and you will receive every post you were meant to receive.

    The host I am with is which provides academics the platform to speak freely without censorship. There are thousands of other hosts to choose from and you can even run your own instance of mastodon so there is no one to block you from speaking the truth.

    If you want to follow me, my mastodon account is:
    @[email protected]

  8. Excellent idea! At last there is something I can actually do to help this bloke! Julian is a fellow Aussie. This is going to keep this 66 y/o busy sticking posters up all over Mandurah Western Australia. Ill get a laminator so they last when I stick them on power poles and things. All this madness happening around the world is coming from Jacob Rothschild and that country his family bought in the middle east,” Israel” Jacob Rothschild is a sick and deluded psychopath with an obcene amount of wealth that can never be enough. Lock him up along with the Netanyahu regime and all the dual Israeli Nationals in the US government plus the 89 dual Israeli Nationals in the US Congress and the world will settle back to peaceful times.

  9. #letterstojulian #freeassange #handsoffja Thank you soo much Lee, Lucy and crew for the poster. I am a fan of yours also Lee love ya work. Anyone that does minimal research on JA and Collateral Murder will easily understand the situation. Cheers JasonDCox Australia

  10. Great poster! Sending love and good fortune from Sweden, Free Assange!!! (Always watching Redacted Tonight and Im a big fan)

  11. Watching Mr. Assange be dragged out of the Embassy made me literally sick to my stomach. To the point that I don’t even know what world I’m living in anymore, let alone what fucked to all hell country I’m in.

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