If Joe Loses Here’s Who To Blame (New Redacted Tonight)

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  1. Blaming democrats for starting wars is a sign that you do not have a knowledge of how most of the wars we are involved in. Look to the republicans because they are the warmongers.

  2. Hi:
    The reason I have pulled my support isn’t because you are wrong whatsoever.
    Most solid people vote their conscious such as I have with Nader and Stein.

    My real concern is getting within 9 months of retirement is that the Repugs could throw the election a with this stacked Supreme Court because their differences of alliance in the business world thus fomenting a revolution this winter.

    I selfishly don’t want to hunker down behind my improvised Lexan bullet proof shields when my fucking redneck neighbors want to shoot it out and the goddam Sheriffs who run hand in hand let them attack. Partially because I’m having trouble finding the extra bullets I stashed last spring.

    I guess I feel like many others have concluded that they’d rather fight than support more of the bullshit and that this may be the only way to reach any parity whatsoever with climate mitigation or change anything.

    My greater concern is that within the power vacuum of a revolution and losing most of the support from police and military because the MIC may mix it up in Asia and at this juncture we obviously don’t have law enforcement supporting the left we will become vulnerable to gangs and armies from other countries and that probably wouldn’t turn out well for any of our consciously correct citizens. Therefore we may become labeled as enemy combatants and get attacked multilaterally.

    Put simply, I don’t trust the left to have a winning strategy and don’t think I can fly me and baby to Vanuatu when the shit hits the fan so deep I my heart my chicken little heart, I want to live through it all and keep slamming my testosterone and banging pretty women.

    Thank you Lee for being so excellent, you are thorough, studied and funny and I love you. I’m merely concerned that we really actually need to hang on to uncle Joe and Kamala give us more hookers Harris to build a more perfect union!


    older guy with no name and a beautiful dick

  3. to blame the democrats for their lies,their hate policy,for denying the truth,for their stupidity to sacrifice a possible winner before,Berny Sanders,for their weak present candidate with questionable reputation,for the sick media that spreading fake news,not considering the truth will prevail sooner or later,for being a toy for war mongers ,every American knows democrats will raise war all over the world,they dont care bout black or Hispanics ,they failed to see that China is an eminent threat,Biden been in office for 47 years,what did he achieve? what is his constructive policies?

  4. Agree totally. But you missed one. What media did not cover: if they had covered techniques of voter suppression for four years, we would be ahead of the game.

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