“How To Argue With A Republican” – M.O.C. #113

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  1. It totally agree, Lee. These guys act like they “work” so fucking hard when in fact they’re usually not CREATING anything. They’re just moving money for profit. Romney spent his days acquiring companies and firing half the workers. That’s not productive work. It’s just being an asshole with a desk.

  2. And I thought I was the only one who never got Adam Sandler. Thanks for another dose of sanity. I’m sure Romney and Trump also tell people they work hard for their money. Sitting in a desk chair moving money around the globe taking a percent off the margin isn’t the same thing as cutting timber in North Central BC with a chainsaw while trudging around on snowshoes. Or working a trawler off the Alaska coast. Work, is such and overworked word!

  3. Pretty courageous here; you went out on a hell of a limb. I don’t think it’s politically correct to say that some people are just born stupid. They are, but they are called ‘special’ or their upbringing is blamed. I’ll be interested to see the comments. Got my tix for the Bowery, looking forward to it.

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