Holy shit. We did it!

In only 8 DAYS we have already 99% funded TEN NEW EPISODES of the Moment of Clarity Show. 417 people have stepped up, backed the show, and grabbed some great rewards. I am absolutely wet-my-pants floored by the support. And now WE’VE INCREASED OUR GOAL! Why not make MORE than 10 new episodes of the MOC Show??

And here’s the part I want to stress – You don’t have to view this as a donation. If you’ve EVER thought of buying my live stand-up comedy album “Pepper Spray The Tears Away,” you can do it a the Kickstarter for the SAME PRICE as on iTunes. Why not grab it now and help the show?
If you’ve EVER thought of buying the Moment of Clarity book – grab it now. 
If you’ve EVER thought of getting a Moment of Clarity T-shirt, get it now.

CLICK HERE to view T-shirt. 

> click here for Kickstarter pagewww.bit.ly/MOCshow <

Our NEW goal is $45,000 – which would create many more episodes of the show, and hopefully allow us to create an awesome new website to house the show. The website would also have a great forum for everyone to discuss how to fix the world.

This is it. This is your chance to help launch the Moment of Clarity Show into the stratosphere (because hopefully there are fewer toxins up there). 

Thank you all. And keep fighting. 


Go here to check out the Kickstarter page –www.bit.ly/MOCshow

  1. Stacy, this is really kind of you. No need to donate if it’s difficult. I don’t want anyone donating if it makes their life any harder. And your support in non-financial ways is even more important. So thank you. And stay angry!

  2. Hi Lee, I’ve bought everything you’re selling and shared your MOC’s with friends. I really admire you and all you do for activism. Doing the right thing because it’s right and not because it’s going to make you a ton of money is highly under-appreciated. I can’t donate to your kickstarter campaign right now, but I definitely will before May 10th. I just wanted to state my support and tell you to keep up the great work, it’s appreciated for what it is.

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