Gov’t Secrets No. 35 – The Truth About The Police Pt. 1 & Julia Childs

Comedians Lee Camp & Graham Elwood expose the truth about the history of the police & discuss Julia Childs!
  1. Matt Taibbi’s book, The Divide, exposes so much of policing hypocrisy. But be warned: it will make your blood boil with the inequality in the system.

  2. that reminds me of Lieutenant Janet Rand( Grace Lee Whitney) making hot coffee with a hand phaser on Star Trek.
    The Foodarackacycle is broken.
    i just took my hand phaser and ZAP
    hot coffee.

  3. You guys need to see Julia child’s beef tar tar episode.. her burner breaks on the stove, so she gets a small torch to cook the beef tar tar.. funny stuff and a good afternoon laugh with my family.

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