Gov’t Secrets #31 – The F-35 Catastrophe, & How The US Doomed Africa

Comedians Lee Camp & Graham Elwood talk about the F-35 Catastrophe and the imperiral wars waged in Africa!
  1. As it is with many military projects, the F35 had components manufactured across nearly all 50 states. That way, each representative has a direct incentive to keep the project going no matter what. They can focus on the “jobs” that are created to keep everyone on board with money pit projects like the stupid F35. By the by, the F35 ejector seats kill the pilots when used. That about sums up the whole damn thing: even when you want out, it still kills your ass

  2. I bet the Middle East alliance between the Saudis and the Israelis is based on an eventual war against Iran. I hope I’m wrong.

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