Gavin Newsom Makes True Vote Counts Illegal In California

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  1. During Covid, the governor of NJ decided to have ALL MAIL-IN BALLOTS for public safety. Good idea.

    But I had already signed up for MAIL-IN BALLOTS a month earlier. They’d moved my voting place from a large gymnasium to a tiny room at the end of a long skinny hallway, and there was no more room for standing around and having friendly visits with the nice neighborhood ladies running the polls.

    I’ve found mail-in voting is MUCH easier. I do it right here, it takes minutes, and I don’t even bother “mailing” them in– there’s a DROP-OFF BOX right there in the parking lot of my chiropractor’s office, so it’s not even a special trip (and it eliminates a whole step).

    I think we should go ALL MAIL-IN BALLOTS, nationwide. And you know what? Having a paper ballot also makes it infinitely easier to do WRITE-INS.

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