[FULL EPISODE] Fossil Fuels Are Dead, Dems Allow Mass Surveillance, Radioactive Water

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  1. Local level corruption the least, still a while longer. Some state’s state level too….. but not NH. If you haven’t already seen Mike Gill, who said no to the corruption and is running for his life: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1828240080580897&id=636522656419318
    Also will you investigate whether Fukushima is really planning to dump the stored million tons of radioactive waste water into the Pacific – in addition to the 300 tons leaking every day into the ocean since the accident in 2011? Nobody wants to talk about this!

  2. Is it possible to get in touch with Kathleen Hartnett White for some of that dick glowing Texas water – or is that unnecessary now? It doesn’t seem fair that prisoners pay 4 times the cost of soup with 0 times the pay anyone else gets except they get the same radiated polluted drinking water as free citizens..
    Something’s wrong
    It’s almost as if we living in a simulation full of glitches where pink and beige is white and brown is black and neocons promote liberal ideas to create instability and War..?

  3. Loved this episode! How hard it must be for you to make every day chaos into news we can actually understand! I did however did not really feel the alternate universe gig. I’m old, so yeah, I remember a good human earth thing, where we were treated like actual people, (well, sort of anyway… hah, not really, geezuz, I’m a huge part Native ugh, bawls). Great job Redacted tonight Team! Love you Lee, and will continue to support.

  4. Also…in re ICE – Formerly Border Patrol…

    Have we all forgotten the GOOD OL’ BOYS Round-up? There must be video (from the 90’s – Clinton) of it, to show.

    Pro-racist…pro(to)- fascist – there is a history to look into. Boyz ontha Hood tshirtz….White Power shit all over….

    How quickly we forget. It is a branch with direct Presidential authority and Cabinet direction. So it nay be like with John Lennon…they fuck with people HOWEVER they CAN.

  5. I think.most folks call your ‘Alien Teenager’ …something like “God”.

    We don’t know what occurred before the big bang…

    Esoteric Mysticism is seemingly the heart and soul of the World’s great faiths. Technology of the sort envishooned by MUSK…is an abomination. Be NEO in this world.

  6. Lee, could you please visit Tulsa? There will never be enough free thinkers in all of Oklahoma to be able to win the voting system you have to determine where you will have shows…. Please!!

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