[FULL EPISODE] CIA/Military Infiltrating Congress, Global Arms Trade, CEO Greed Skyrockets

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  1. Have you watched the movie “JFK” 1991 with Kevin Costner? I watched Camps’s latest show and had to watch the movie again. If not viewed, must see! Excellent history to watch unfold. Oliver Stone produced/directed. (Daah, no wonder it’s so right on.) Prosecutor Garrison was the Lee Camp of 1963. I still can’t believe Hollywood made this movie — awesome beyond belief. BTW, at the age of 69, Garrison played a small part in the movie and died the following year — in 1992 at the age of 70. So glad he was able to see the fruits of his life’s efforts. Keep on truckin, Camp, but well beyond the age of 70!

  2. just like I said on fb. An apple a day, will make the rock go away………. give em hell Lee//

  3. Military police around the corner here guys… Martial law on the horizon. Candidates drawn from the military intelligence sector only means one thing. Put the pieces together guys — economic crunch rendering an enormous% of our population “houseless” and on the street, an epidemic that is growing beyond manageable proportions with health hazards being a real reason for quarantine and FEMA camps (which are already being tested with our deportation centers), and a trigger-happy nation of police departments armed to the hilt ready to combat civil unrest… Monopoly is a crapshoot for our corpses, depopulation of a wasted nation. Senior merchant of death! hahaha! love that. This message will self-destruct never because the internet ‘knows’ lmao. Google drones have been alerted to this message. I’ll be back (something said by both the Terminator and Jesus…) Bahahahahahahaha! AI Jesus! 😉

  4. Thanks Lee and team! Always spend Sunday mornings catching up by watching your shows and really appreciate the truth news! Never a sheeple in Minnesota.

  5. !!! #187… was soooo good… and good for me too … kind of like … an apple… only organic , locally grown , shared with a friend … and then eaten very slowly by both of you. A reminder to me to keep using less … and laughing … more. Thank you.

  6. I was assuming Lee’s professed support of porn stars was largely apocryphal until he mentioned “Silicone Valley” toward the end

  7. you are correct: The environmental collapse can be survived in a small island in Japan but I want to add :
    1. we (in a small Japanese island) have a model for post capitalism, stationary (post exponential growth) culture. Japan has demonstrated a non-resource consumptive future and evolved social systems to implement such, many years ago. Before it learned capitalism/colonialism in the late 1800s , Japan enjoyed a 200 year “Edo Period” of high civilization with complete recycling, totally sustainable 25 million people in the land area of California between 1650 and 1850). We hope to explore and show a path to a luxurious high tech no net resource consumptive future based on that. We have a “post capitalism” solution.
    2. no turtles here: most all sea-life has been destroyed by the capitalism you referred to about 10-30 years ago (mostly after the first warning), the destruction has overtaken most sea life already.
    3. no monkeys, but we have tons of wild pig that we eat. The pigs are trapped and shot with a rifle.

  8. I feel like maybe this is why he bernster decided to run and wake everyone up. Perhaps he knew this was going to get worse and win or lose felt like he had to do something.

  9. I wish I could donate $5 a month. Always been working class poor, and still have yet to break my ceiling to the next level from Journeyman even with a bachelor’s degree and 29 years of working since 15 years old.
    Good luck with your successes!

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