[FULL EPISODE] Assange, Bolton, Top Secret Algorithms, Cops Abuse The Dead

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  1. Algorithms, like any man-made tools, are only as good as those who implement them. Corruption is endemic now, we can only expect the worst from applications of technology. We can have tons of faith in technology, but zero faith in the creeps now lording over us. There is only one solution and that is regime change, a decapitation strike on the ruling elite. This can first be tried via a massive united assault at the ballot box, and if that doesn’t work, then a revolutionary insurrection will be the only alternative. It’ll be messy, bloody, horrifying if it comes to that but we didn’t create this situation. The ones whose heads will roll did. They should know better.

  2. Pissed to discover no more RT on MHz, i.e. the whole DMV, as of today. I just read the why’s (according to both sides), but I had already figured it might happen (based on all the ‘madness’ this past year), just not so soon. Thank God for the app! Now if that gets censured, there will surely be an uprising! I guess this means no more tapings in DC? I hope not bc I was so planning to attend more. Lee is talented beyond his years, a political comic genius. His timing, analogies, sarcasm, word play, visuals, intellect, ROTF-provoking abilities, everything…are just incomparable.

  3. Regarding algorithms related to jail time, it makes total sense – if you are part of the for-profit prison triad. Those prisons are guaranteed a certain amount of occupancy – usually no less than 80%. The longer one stays in prison, the higher the occupancy rate as new prisoners enter. Now, the prison kicks back money to the police departments and the courts. So, that way, more police are better weaponized, thus leading to more people arrested for the courts to try. The judges have more help, more comfortable offices and, maybe, just maybe, a new car or house every year.
    That is a self perpetuating system that really doesn’t need an algorithm, except top make it difficult to appeal sentences.

  4. Glad to hear Naomi that infamous fossil fuel propaganda outlet: The Heartland Institute of Lies.

  5. Would like to hear your take on the woman who was charged with voting illegally….and sent up for 5 years. Illegal as she was on probation but didn’t know she couldn’t vote.

  6. I’d been commenting on online job applications I’d been filling out for YEARS being JUST LIKE these prison forms! Nothing but psychological, pigeon hole, discriminating nonsense passing them off as job app exams. You wouldn’t BELIEVE some of the questions they ask JUST to work as a cashier or server (the U.S. career choices for those who refuse to become homeless to pay for a degree). The absurd thing is, just like Lee said: how you answer the types of questions they ask cannot determine you must automatically be a thief, ex-con, serial bomber, sexual predator, nation traitor (God forbid, that’s even worse than having ADD or Depression to them…which btw are automatic mental illness flags, hence exam fails), etc. After a while, I didn’t even know how to lie right anymore bc the answers I knew they wanted were so insane, I couldn’t believe they actually believed NORMAL ppl felt that way! My most hated was: “Do you believe most of the people in the world are good or out to get over on somebody if they had the chance?” What TYPE of effin’ question is THAT? Out of that 1 question, they covertly surmise: if you come from poverty (i.e. criminal-prone to them) or if you’re not an optimistic sheep (i.e. pessimism = free thinker = problem employee = possible mental illness as well). But I digress!

  7. Lee Camp is to be heard. Fucking great. I’m sending him to everyone I know. Rage reducing to hear it said. Therapeutic if you must, but, and you must. To be heard. Fucking great

  8. Met an incredible film maker at an Appalachian studies conference years ago. She was on the no fly list because she contributed to the documentary Gasland. Nothing dangerous about her or her work unless you make crap tons of money taking advantage of poor people and dumping toxic waste…or support that kind of thing.

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