Fan Review of “Chaos For The Weary”

>> Fan review by Bill Weber << This is the first comedy album I’ve purchased in 35 years. Admittedly, I was drawn into buying Lee Camp’s comedy album mainly because of the George Carlin comparison. I, like everyone else who has ever heard him, feel a special allegiance to Carlin for his guidance during the War of Generational Aggression, and was in the audience when the Milwaukee police disappeared Carlin for the offending seven words. But I also admired Lee’s Moments of Clarity, and thought I’d better buy the CD since the Carlin comparison could be especially heavily burdensome for a young artist. I bought, I further admired, and I laughed. Camp is first a wonderful writer. He is thoughtful, bitingly perceptive...and usually spells correctly. Most importantly, however, he is very, very funny – and intentionally so ( a unique characteristic given his generation). This should be enjoyed by everyone under 30, and for all the obvious reasons. Camp is a smart, young, good-looking Bellushi, injected with the DNA structure of George Carlin...Lewis Black...and Stephen Colbert...but also Gilbert Godfrey and Wild Man Steve. For the over 50’s among you, Camp provides proof that our cultural, societal, and political foibles are not going unnoticed by a younger generation. This CD should produce the soft, warm-fuzzy of a narcotic bliss…the thought that if our generation can’t fix the problems it had a wonderful time creating, at least we’re leaving behind someone who will correctly identify and rail against them. If you’re over 50 and listening to this CD doesn’t make you feel good about Lee and his listeners, then take Lee’s advice. In the cosmic bag of trail mix, quit picking out the peanuts and M&M’s while leaving future generations with the raisins…and then go fuck yourself.

  1. Lee Camp is the stream of conciousness activist comedian we’ve yearned for in a generation. He gives us a bright light in an otherwise very dark world and inpires hope when all would seem lost. Keep up the kick ass work Lee. We are lucky to have you.

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