Eight Great Myths Of America, Socialist Beats Corporate Dem & More [FULL EPISODE]

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  1. Hilarious, man. It is no accident that Hollywood was born in the “land of illusion”, spitting out films, videos, TV that cultivate hero worship, portraying American heros as saving the world. History was re-written by “elites” and compulsory education established to dumb out all critical thinking skills and create docile workers. America, the most propagandized and experimented-on populace, the world has ever known, even worse than Goebbel’s nazis. (Oh, I forgot. The “elites” adopted a few of those at the end of WWII.) Good thing, more and more Americans are taking the red pill and enjoying entertaining informers like you.

  2. One of those great fairytales is welfare queens! Or we need to spend half our budget on military, while the VA healthcare system and VA homes stink!

  3. Lots of good stuff here but Rose shooting was in E.Pgh., a smaller suburb,and nowhere near the funding.

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