Activists Win Against Nestle [VIDEO]

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  1. I could not agree more. We have been systematically divided by simply harping on non-issues, since Reagan’s “Welfare Queen”, designed at the time his buddy, Thatcher asserted “There is no such thing as society.” That is the point, to destroy society and keep us fighting each other. Liberal, Transgender, Black Identity Extremist, celebrity weddings, Russia – the government and media, which are now seamlessly owned by the same corporations – keep whipping these “issues” into us while keeping silent about the real issues that we all share – wage theft, hunger, drug epidemic, poisoned water, dying bees and agriculture, unequal public education… ,

  2. Cheeky Lady says: Lee Camp has become a thorn in the side of those who would “Dare” keep you and I from knowing the truth about extremely important issues. Lee sticks his neck out.. This one about Nestles is very important.. Please share… The Truth must not be lost due to inaction ….

    As Jesse Ventura says “When The Government Lies, The Truth Becomes A Traitor” And so it does……. bcw

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