“Congress Working To Overturn Ban On Propaganda” – MOC #148

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  1. Edward Bernays, Freud’s nephew, founded the Public Relations scourge that continues, as you state, unabated today. Many know this bit of history and many understand Cognitive Dissonance, when the brain is so conditioned that a new concept is just to foreign and awful to contemplate. But what few people know is the effects of social conformity, i.e., herd mentality, as demonstrated in the 1950s by the Solomon Asch experiment.


    This experiment demonstrates that far too often people will defer critical thinking and common sense to group think and simply follow along like a dumb ass sheep, apologies to the sheep. This explains why people, even in the days of the Hubble Deep Space Telescope that shows hundreds of billions of galaxies, still think God came to this one lonely planet in person to forgive us of our sins. The very same God who loves us unconditionally. Churches are sill buing built in these tough economic times, attesting to the conformity theory of the original sin based on a talking snake prove this massive Solomon Asch experiment to be true. Also, every false flag operation that was staged in order to lure us into wars was a Solomon Asch experiment writ large. The difference in false flag terrorism is that the subject (assuming you have explored the link) is not just following unknown people to his right, but following high profile personalities that he or she has been coached to trust, like media types, politicians, religious leaders, financial leaders and so on. Our awakening is to understand that these people with instant profit as their God are not to be trusted and it’s better to take the 180 degree approach to whatever they are saying.

    It’s a pathetic situation when the president of the better party is surrounded by Goldman Sachs people, Monsanto people and the oil depletion allowance, a tax subsidy to the oil giants, continues despite the insane profits from the oil companies, due largely to our taxpayer military stomping any resistance to their exploitation into the ground and protecting the shipping lanes so the tycoons can sell their crude to COMMUNIST China.
    I wonder why that isn’t highlighted by our press during veterans and memorials day events. That many of our veterans were wounded and many people were killed in Vietnam and Korea fighting the “spread of communism” and now our jobs and money are shipped to Communist China which is, by the way, building up their military very rapidly and allying themselves with Russia at the expense of the American worker. It’s very insane. The parasites rule the world now and just like the fires across Colorado and places where the bark beetles have destroyed the productive forest, it takes a giant fire to wipe out the parasites who destroy the host they feed upon. Boy did this rant take off. I better leave it to you Lee Camp, you’re much funnier and succinct than I.

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