Common Censored #98 – Super F**ked Tuesday (Everything You Need to Know)

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  1. Hello Mr. Camp,

    I noticed during the podcast (great job as always) that Ms. Goldfield had denigrated “Purell bullshit” when talking about protecting oneself from COVID-19. Although handwashing is preferred, according to the CDC (, they do recommend using sanitizing gels with 60%+ alcohol when handwashing is not available. It is true that there are critters that gels do not work on (e.g. clostridium diff.), so handwashing is always preferred and the confusion is understandable. Also, there seems to be a Purell shortage now ( but soap is everywhere.

    I wanted to be the 16 caller to tell you this (did I win the tickets?). 🙂

  2. I’ve had Tim Canova on my show. I’ve had Niko House on. I’ve tried to have Bev Harris on but she lives in the middle of nowhere and we can’t do skype, unfortunately.

  3. I see that you DID mention the fractional vote counting software – kudos. Still Bev Harris – a great guest, bht so is Tim Canova or Niko House (Dean Logan is LA’s Brenda Snipes – Alex Padilla is our Katherine Harris or Ken Blackwell)… Also – LA County they have historically used closed source tabulation machines from ES&S or Sequoia – which are kept in a windowless room in Norwalk. $300 million – and based on the lines and problems people had voting – it seems like they got what they paid for.

    And let’s not forget the history, of sandbagging Sanders…

  4. Hey Lee (and Eleanore),

    Great show. I just thought that I should point out these takes (the first, a link inside the second, but really the most damning information… And it seems to have played out like a prophesy, or just a very real report).

    After the Pre-Super Tuesday surprise I made this meme about the new DNC Voltron… My feeling is that they packed the debate stage to steal time and attention from the most popular candidate (Sanders), and subject him to a series of malicious and gratutitous attacks from a wide field. And more candidates means a wider spread of those early delegates.

    At the last minute they collapsed their field – to benefit Biden in terms of press and coverage, and then to give a narrative cover for the obvious theft and flipping of votes. At this point they’re changing the rules to exclude Tulsi Gabbard – and of course Warren stays in to siphon off support from Sanders.?

    Some other recent memes on the subversion of the public will, by corporatist influence.

    So may I recommend Bev Harris of black box voting .org – for your Thursday or Friday show… The machines seem to use “Fractional Vote Counting software” – meaning you could easily set a 5 or 10 point swing – just as part of the algorithm . Virginia… That’s a Headquarters for an agency that steals elections around the world, right?

  5. Those who like Biden go to twitter. Those who like Bernie go to YouTube. I heard on Morning Joe from Tom Brochaw told about twitter being the social media for Biden.

  6. Sanders won here in Minnesota last time. This time they went from the caucus to the machines your talking about and he lost.

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