Common Censored #75 – Biden, Impeachment, Climate Parades & Saudi Charades

  1. The sudden call to begin to impeach Trump over the Biden issue reminds me of the McCarthy witch hunts, Congress didn’t give a fuck about what he did to thousands of people or how he destroyed their lives but, when he said he had a list of names of congressmen who supported communsm THEN and only then did they move to stop him.

    History repeats itself.

  2. I got tossed out of school in central florida for protesting the viet nam
    war a few days after the kent state massacre.

    I, too was fired up.

    Love you’re fire, but I can’t find your name! Norwegian, I know.

    Thank you for your passion, you too Lee!

    Who are you, Ms Norway?

  3. Sorry for commenting again, but when you described how you felt while protesting, Eleanor, it really hit home. I was also ridiculed or just ignored. The signs I had put up on news boards were just taken down, while one teacher told me I looked ridiculous in my kafiya and like Yasser Arafat. I remember almost crying at one point, not for myself, but from sheer frustration that noone else felt the awful criminality of the invasions or they just didn’t care. And like you, no matter how uncomfortable it was, I felt I had a responsibility to keep protesting because I was the only one… Those feelings are indeed so different from joining popular protests.

  4. All good points by Elinor, and Lee.
    Except, one thing that is forgot in the fog is the Fact that Whistleblowers will Loose out; setting a dangerous precedent. Whistleblowers Must be protected!

    Fact is, we are fast turning into a banana republic.
    Don the con promised he was going to drain the swamp, when in fact trump has the most corporate lobbyists than any other pres..

    I think that Rep. Veronica Escobar put it well:
    “The corruption of this administration has no bottom. From using the Oval Office for self-enrichment, to welcoming foreign interference in our elections, TWICE — the level of lawlessness is staggering.
    Our democracy needs defending, now more than ever.
    I’m ready to impeach.”

    A final note on your past abbreviated show.
    In reflection, one of the few things that Obama did right was his reversal on 1/2 century embargo of Cuba. And now the orange menace has reversed that back.

  5. I was protesting the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq at her age. But I didn’t have cameras pointed at me and my stunt of walking around my school with a kafiya and preaching peace inspired exactly zero other students. Still better than dick jokes, I guess 😉

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