Common Censored #57 – US Empire Fail, New Co2 Milestone, Battle for Women’s Bodies

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  1. Thanks Lee for all you do! Over at my Prophecy-Current Events website I mix future trends in the news with a non-dogmatic look at the prophetic traditions of the world–East, West, Native and Notradamus–since 1999. I also lace my work with satire and humor, which has certainly helped my international audience laugh at Doomsday, because if you can’t laugh at Doomsday, “what CAN you laugh at??” 🙂 One of my favorite jokes revolved around thousands of people wondering why just about everyone but me had written a book about 2012. They thought my silence was deafening. I wrote back that I would be the only “new age” genre author who would publish my 2012 book AFTER it passed, to explain satirically the “Great Went” and the WTF!!!??” that followed. The book was called Nostradamus: The End of End Times, and it featured 2012, among other end-time cycles as the “Lindsey Lohan of End Time dates.” Here’s a segment from the subsection: “Cue the “Proph”-arazzi”:


    2012 is the Lindsay Lohan of End Time dates…Hollywood likes a quickie “it” girl. I mean, look at which ditzy dooms-date went totally Hollywood drama queen, appearing in her own major motion picture?

    “2012” of course.

    Did you bijou a flick called “Stop My Wheel of Dharma I Want to Get Off!” or “The Hopi Hangover—the Final Warning?”

    Did CNN’s Entertainment Tonight have you“wolf”-blitzer down a high-heeled, silicone-heaving movie trailer of an end time epic called “The Flintstones Yabba Dabba Kali Yuga” or promote Leonardo DiCaprio in “Catch Me if You can Jupiter-Saturn Cycle?”

    There was no “Oceans 11-Year Pleiadian UFO Return.”

    Popularized “paparazzified” prophecy needs something simple, a one-liner star whose number everyone gets without the complication of reflection. Take a real drama queen in and out of interpretive rehab, a date diva doomsday that everyone wants to vote in favor for on his or her craven American Idol show-and-naughtily tell.

    Dumb the doom down, baby.

    Let her wrap her Daisy Duck collagen lips around my Mayan solstice. Give her that big boob tube job. You’ll sell a lot more ad time! She’ll fill out the cover of an autobiographical confessional every New Age publisher will print, crowding out and rejecting all other doom-dreamy dates and cycle sirens of prophecy because, really now, they’re tooooo complicated.

    She’s coming out of the limo. Get your camera loaded. Just look at that beautiful “end” time, shakin’ it down the red carpet in my strobe light.

    Oh baby! Hey 2012! Over here 2012! Hey honey, give me the shot. That’s it baby. Sachet! Baby, just like that. Ahaaah! Shake those pair of perky twos, 2012. Yeeaah! We love ya! Oh yeah! Great picture. You’re so real 2012. Really! I mean it. Loved you in “Herbie: Fully Loaded!” Awesome!


    Anyway, Lee, hope you got a few “yuck-yuga-yucks”. Check my website out. Big fan of RT America and RT International. Quote it and defend you and it often to my wide international audience. And anyway, it makes sense. Back in the winter of 2018, I did three national TV documentaries on forecasting Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce’s Russian prophecies to an estimated audience of 100 million Ruskies. If you’re interested I can give you the sources of that, plus my extensive TV and Radio resume including appearing on all the US legacy and cable news networks, 200 prophecy-themed documentaries for Discovery, History Channel, NBC, etc. But don’t believe me. Check my sources. Thanks for you time. “Keep fighting.” John Hogue of

  2. They are not pro life, they are pro fetus. They don’t give a shit about the kid once it’s born cutting all sorts of programs. They just want the kids born so they can grow up and fight the corporate wars. ~ George Carlin

    Just curious, if a guy whacks off, is he guilty of murder?

  3. Alabama also passed such a shit law and they went evern further – outlawing abortions even in the case of rape and/or incest. This is outrageous.

  4. Venezuela, Abortion Ban, Climate Change – don’t these issues seem like there are people who just don’t get it? Military Complex has Venezuela and Iran in their sights. Big Oil has their hands in the lies called propaganda that climate change is a hoax AND determining WHAT the Military Complex’s goals are – who to bomb. Religious lawmakers have never heard of the separation of church and state? Weren’t the religious lawmakers educated on the principles this country was created on? They must know that what they did will draw contemptuous attention to their state and bring law suits to reverse the ban.

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