Common Censored #54 – The Weapon of Mueller’s Distraction, Bubble Boy Philosophy, Fighting Defeatism

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  1. If Eleanor is going to make fun of the way non-Swedes pronounce Great Thunberg, her pronunciation of Nietzsche is fair game 😉

  2. Yes, totally badass intro song everytime! Love it, look forward to it. Love the change to new one for the RT show on RT. Also, wish i knew the source of Project Censored with Micky Huff’s intro music “we want, we want, we want” another totally dope anthem just like Rooftop Revolutionaries. Oh yeah, THANK YOU LEE for introducing me to Immortal Technique back in what was it like 2012 on your Moment of Clarity video shorts/clips with that “you know what really grinds my gears?” vibe. Except you have a giant heart & very smart while Peter Griffin is not only not a lovable oaf (like say Homer is good hearted & bumbling) but pathologically stunted subhuman, a total fucking asshole.

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