Common Censored #51 – Deathly Pains, Sex Trafficking, Cost of War, Dolph Lundgren

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  1. Oh and about PTSD –
    Have you read Bessel Van Der Kolk’s book, “The Body Keeps the Score?”

    You should.

    I found it to be an excellent reading companion alongside “The Shock Doctrine,” “Free Lunch,” and “Things that Can and Cannot Be Said,” which tells me enough that I don’t need to read the WikiLeaks.

    I got lots of my own leaks.

    My eyes and ears work just fine.

  2. John up there is not wrong.
    New Improved Medicare for All.
    It won’t work if it’s not free.

    Especially prescription medication.

    But you should interview ME and I’ll tell you a story you might not believe.

    I’m in DC until the 10th but I’ll be back to stay (until I’m done here) around Memorial Day.

    I’m coming to wage world Peace.
    I’m not done until the nukes are gone.

    That’ll be a good start.

  3. Please spend some time thinking and researching more deeply about Medicare for all. It’s important to understand Medicare and how it works. It only pays %80 of medical care. The amount of money our elderly are paying for ‘supplemental insurance’ is astounding. Many people also pay monthly premiums for Medicare Part A (hospital) and/or Part B (doctor). It is not a national healthcare system. It is a national medical insurance program. It is not medical care it is medical insurance.

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