Common Censored 50 – Mueller Report Madness, Assault Rifles, France on Fire

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  1. Finally, someone who is scientifically literate! Yes, it’s NOT a theory!

    In science, a theory is the pinnacle of explanations. And yes, it generally requires a paradigm shift in thinking, along with lots of evidence to support it.

    It is time to start embracing the scientific process: demand evidence & demand transparency. Science can’t exist without this. And we are doomed without science.

  2. Re: Mueller Report Madness

    Who the fuck knows what happened? It appeared, yes, that Mueller’s work would be incriminating of the Trump family, and would expose its ties to the Russian Mafiya, but we’ll never know anything until, and if, the full report is released.

    I don’t think, at least if we’re going to believe William Barr’s four-page summary, that it is a complete exoneration of criminal activity involving conspiracy with Russia.

    Even then – like the white-washed Warren Report, and the fake 9/11 Report – it may be a totally misleading portrayal of actual events.

    We’re in the middle of a Fourth Turning after all, and anything can – and most assuredly will – happen.

  3. Conspiracy theory. Well, if we look at the phrase from a science usage point of view, a conspiracy theory should be called a conspiracy hypothesis until it is proven, then it it becomes a theory. It remains an accepted theory until new research disproves it. That usually requires a paradigm shift.

    The root word of conspiracy is “conspire”, which literally means to “breathe together”.

    Now, if your conspiracy hypothesis is based on publicly available evidence, i.e, our Congress is largely composed of the bought dogs of the oligarchy and provide that oligarchy great value for the price the oligarchy bought them for, well, in scientific terms, your hypothesis has been proven. It is now a validated theory.

    Now, it is time for us proles to commit a paradigm shift on the oligarchy’s bitches.

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