MOC Podcast #77 – Interview With An Organizer of The Occupy Wall Street Protest

  1. of course I don’t want to mention the person of no interest but sure gets lots of airtime, on even your show…

    I am sad that more people didn’t storm the streets, but maybe there will be a delayed reaction and we still might be surprised. This protest might be a real eye opener for a lot of people who need to catch up with the rest of us.

    I don’t want them to leave. I want them to grow and all over and I really feel that it’s just a matter of time. This is where being a surfer gets good.

    luv ur show!

  2. great Camp. My morning coffee is fresh and hot and all over my lap, the floor and everywhere but in my mouth because I broke out in laughter while thinking I could listen to your podcast first thing in the morning.

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