Common Censored #152 – Elon Musk Is Not God, Leaving Afghanistan & Ending Fracking

Biden is pulling troops from Afghanistan – in 6 months, kinda, maybe. Elon Musk is not a god – he’s actually a bit of a dipshit penis wrinkle. We can do better, and indeed we must. PLUS what Mead, NE has to do with the Flint water crisis, and the call to end fossil fuels reaches politicians.

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  1. its called “companion planting” placing marigolds and tomatos together is a prime example. the bugs flock to the marigold in preference to the tomatos.

    and aussie farmers spraying their crops, (wheat), with roundup a couple of weeks prior to harvest to increase yield. (the plant thinks its dieing and uses its energy to reproduce seed for its own survival)

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