Common Censored #103 – What To Do Now – Not Your Normal Corona Coverage

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I think we all need a break from the day-to-day end-of-times updates. Instead, Lee and Eleanor dig into what’s next – when we cross the threshold between current shit storm and the world of tomorrow. How are we organizing now that could light the path to this shift?


  1. As a big fan and keen observer of your take on the US media, from here in the UK, I was wondering whether you had seen this? This is the UK’s prime daily political comment programme. While our press can be pretty pants at times, at least occasionally the BBC can tell it like it is…

    Stay safe Lee and Eleanor.

  2. love your clips and awareness of the f… usa
    wish all the best to you Lee and keep up the good way
    research NYM tech, they r reinventing www in a way that is really cool

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