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  1. I’m down to only ordering items from Amazon I absolutely cannot find anywhere else.

    2 months ago, I ordered a new music CD from one of my favorite artists, and ordered thru Bandcamp instead of Amazon. I’ve done this before, no problem. But this time, the USPS screwed up, and my package went from Philadelphia, to Philadelphia, over a 5-week period. When I finally got it in Audobon, NJ., it was COMPLETELY DESTROYED. The musician refunded my money, AND sent a replacement CD (he didn’t have to, it WASN’T HIS FAULT). Today, I attempted to contact the USPS about it, so they could look into the problem, and on their website, got the message, “There was a problem submitting your message, please try again later.” Believe it, the Federal government HAS been working to destroy the USPS for decades, in favor of “privatization”. As originally conceived, the POST OFFICE was NOT SUPPOSED to be a “profit-making enterprise”, nor should it ever be. I say, F*** “privatization” and all who take bribes to support it. I also say, bribery should be ILLEGAL again, and carry with it HIGHER penalties than MASS MURDER.

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