CIA Just Announced They’ve Taken Control of Big Tech (Redacted Tonight)

Lee Camp exposes the US Intelligence Community’s secretive multi-billion dollar cloud computing contracts with some of the largest names in Big Tech.
  1. Wall Street created the CIA 70 years ago. Big Brother lives on Wall Street. His lawyers, lobbyists and government live in Washington. When Bush & Co wanted the phones numbers, emails and such on all Americans they went right to Wall Street. Big tech in fact.
    The worse part is the US military is Wall Street’s military.
    US foreign policy is Wall Street’s foreign policy.
    That’s not right and its not good.

  2. our deputy prime minister and finance minister said on TV yesterday the Canadian feds need to figure out a way to unlock peoples savings in banks and use it to fund our economic reboot plan … i shit you not ! 2 weeks ago they started a help small business program but you must sign over ownership stake in the business to get any help from it . most people here say im full of shit just for linking the youtube video of her saying it … Lord help us! thanks for all you do lee!

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  4. Amazon and co. don’t need CIA influience – they are already in the same gang. That just gives them more money to do what they are doing anyway. There has been another podcast about them, surveilling, infiltrating , hiring goons to beat up protesting workers etc.

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