Cash Bail Is Illegal In Every Country Except The U.S. – And Here’s Why [VIDEO]

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with you here, Lee!
    And in a lot of cases, if the person awaiting trial has serious, or even somewhat serious, crimes being charged against them they could end up sitting in jail for a very long time.. awaiting trial. Sometimes even years. It’s really not uncommon.
    There needs to be a massive prison/jail/(in)justice reform!

  2. I’ve copied and pasted a you tube link to a song that seems to still be relative to this day. It’s from the group Grand Funk Railroad that was more significant in the Vietnam War Era. “I Can Feel Him in the Morning” is the Title.

    What’s more haunting to this piece is the recorded voices of the kids at the very beginning.

    My Dad used to play this in stereo when I was a young kid…as well as Pink Floyd and numerous other rebels at the time…

    In any case, it’s a good reminder that you and your team just may appreciate.

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