Breaking News: Force A Vote For Medicare For All!

  1. It has to start somewhere,
    It has to start sometime,
    What better place than here,
    What better time than now

  2. After the 2016 vote, after putting up one of the worst candidates they could, the DNC all reiterated, ‘Secretary Clinton was the very best candidate for president the US has ever had, and everyone who failed to vote for her early and often is unspeakably evil and all of you should be ashamed of yourself. Even if you didn’t vote for Trump, not voting for St Hillary early and often got America the very worst president we have ever had. Compared to Trump, that German fellow elected in ’33 was quite a decent head of state. AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT. NEVER FAIL TO VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT EVER AGAIN!!!’

    And now, it’s, ‘If we don’t strongly support St Nancy, she can stop us from ever getting even the teeniest thing done. FOREVER! So we have to always do just as Mommy Nancy tells us to do.’

    And only Democrats and Republicans get any access to the airwaves, by law and custom, so we get to choose between two unspeakably evil parties with no alternative.

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