BREAKING: Iowa Fix Is In – Proof of Manufactured Chaos (Web Exclusive)

  1. It didn’t feel right to me from the begining. The more I learn, the more I realize my worst fears came true. They (establishment) are going to do anything and everything they can to stop Bernie. Thanks for putting it all together. The conclusion is obvious and undeniable.

  2. Thanks, Lee Camp. Weekend before Iowa caucus, I had a sneaking suspicion that corporate establishment democrats were behind this Shadow app to screw our prefered candidate again.

    By 5 minutes into this video, you had laid out facts so succintly that I’m convinced that the oligarchy is out to defeat Sanders again, by dirtier means than they did in 2016.

    Sharing this video widely, Katie Kent, Boomer for Bernie.

  3. Bernie is not going to win even if he does win, fact.
    Be thankful because he will be just suicided or another J.F.K. and another pastie anyways if he got to office.
    South Park said it best decades ago. You are going to be stuck with a choice between a douche and a shit sandwich.
    Good luck neighbour !
    Chris In Canada

  4. Thank you for your insight. I hope you keep going without being stopped by the DNC. And I hope Bernie Sanders wins. God help us all

  5. I knew there was shit going on already when they started to explain their new process. I knew it had to be coordinated through programs.

  6. Buttigieg is a kiss ass fool bordering on idiocracy. Thinking he’s an insider he calls himself the winner. He’s a fucking putz!

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