BREAKING: Clinton Campaign Proven To Be Breaking Campaign Finance Laws & Colluding With The DNC During Primary

Tuesday, Oct 18, 2016
memo_hillary New leaks have come out revealing that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is indeed breaking campaign finance laws. A few weeks ago, I did an in-depth report on the lawsuit showing Governor Scott Walker’s campaign had broken campaign finance laws by coordinating with a pro-Walker Super PAC. You can watch that segment HERE. Although the case was thrown out by a corrupt judge who had benefited heavily from Walker & friends, the leaked documents proved that Walker was CLEARLY coordinating with his Super PAC. The proof even got as ridiculous as a check for ten grand made out to the Super PAC with the memo reading “Because Scott Walker asked.” Anyway, NEW leaked documents now show that Clinton’s campaign is guilty of the exact same offense. According to leaked records and reporting by the Intercept, Hillary’s campaign has ABSOLUTELY been coordinating with both Correct The Record and Priorities USA Action. Both of those are Super PAC’s and both are forbidden by the FEC from coordinating with the Clinton Campaign. One memo is addressed to Hillary Clinton and dated July 2015. It details plans to work with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Correct The Record. This also further details collusion between the Clinton Campaign and the DNC – which was supposedly an unbiased mediator of the Democratic Primary. For supporters of Bernie Sanders, memos like this should set your hair on fire. memo_hillary2 Furthermore, the memo shows that the Clinton Campaign was planning to “build a super delegate firewall” as early as July 2015. While this doesn’t prove anything illegal, Bernie supporters were furious with the Super Delegate system and how it thwarted the popular will. Evidently even from the earliest days Clinton’s campaign was planning on using the undemocratic Super Delegates to force her nomination through. memo_hillary3 This shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows about the dirty world of politics – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting like a bitch for those who supported Bernie.

Donald Trump’s campaign is also suspected of working with a pro-Trump Super PAC. And Trump’s name popped up in the dark money lawsuit against Scott Walker. He donated to Walker’s Super PAC within days of having met with Walker.

In order to fight against the overwhelming force of money in politics, I came up with the idea for, a non-partisan non-profit designed to let people know who are the clean candidates and who are the dirty ones. It’s just getting off the ground, but please check it out.

To watch my segment on the lawsuit against the DNC for colluding with the Clinton Campaign, go HERE.

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  1. Nope. He’s funded some of his campaign but he takes tons of money from wherever he can get it. One of his biggest backers is a billionaire who also heavily funds the storage of human urine. I’m not kidding.

  2. I appreciate your thoughts but you’re incorrect. The senior staff member is saying that the Republicans will do the bidding of their billionaire donors and special interests.

  3. You guys redlined the wrong text. “Refrain the trust issue around the question of whether you can trust the Republicans to do the bidding of their Billionaire Super-Pac donors and special interests.” Are you so jaded that you cannot understand this sentence? It’s the Dem bid to feed in the republican money trough. They’re going after GOP dollars. Because, (here is comes) Hillary can be trusted to do the bidding of Billionaire Super-Pac donors. I wish this was ambiguous.

  4. I found Podesta emails from wyss foundation clearly in violation of campaign laws! Board of directors, interviews with a job position that at the time was currently holding a CAP position..emails talking about foundation funding campaigns..nobody seems to care.

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