Bernie’s Endorsement of Biden Is Wrong in Every Way! (Web Exclusive)

  1. Anyone who sit this out just because Bernie is not the nominee is just as bad as trump supporters.

  2. I agree with everything you said,but you haven’t tell us what should Bernie and progressives like me should have done,under under this circumstances? I am so fuking discasting with Trump that is impossible for me to not to do something to help get rid of the sick and dangerous man.I vote for Jill Stein the last time, and I haven’t regretted, because I couldn’t support Hillary and I had no idea Trump would have been this fuking crazy. So as much hating the fuking DNC somehow I left without another choice,but vote for Biden. BELIEVE ME IS NOT EASY.I have recommend that the only way we could have a clear voice is to start a new Party or joint the Green Party, but nobody respond to that IDEA.

  3. Bernie asked his supporters to stay with him until the convention, but now we have no reason to. He’s letting us go to DEMEXIT NOW, in time to vote in the Green Pretty primaries. Please consider Dario Hunter. And please read between the lines this time, people! This is our cue.

  4. Lee we totally agree with you to disagree with Bernie Sanders BS!
    Proof Senator Sanders has his own forms of lifer politician dementias…
    He’s been rubbing elbows with all the demented mentally ill politicians on both sides of the aisle for 30 years and their mental illnesses have rubbed off and infected his mind.

    TIME for US peoples for peace, people and planet to responsibly rise up united and lead our old pal Bernie
    and Wa, DC gov with our holistic social-economic platform as we occupy all 6 Major planks… all of them… We don’t get any more debates… time to unite and sign
    our peoples proclamations of our revolution and remain 24/7 vigilant
    and not let up or back down as we build and sail our peoples real green new deal democracy ship!

  5. That was a pretty good mom emend of clarity. Thank you! Bernie needs to follow through and Carrie out his contract. But he was clear that we are to carry on the political revolution. I am there along with millions and millions of others. We will have our time.

  6. Years ago I thought Bernie was a decoy duck to lure the flock to uphold the “democrats”, a kind of pied piper. With no real intention to run for office, he’s just part of a giant ad campaign.
    So nice to hear it said in your refreshing terms!
    Thanks !!!

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