Audio Podcast #198 – More on the MLK trial PLUS 25 recent Liberal wins…

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1) Music by Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
2) For more on the MLK Jr. civil trial, click HERE.
3) For more on 25 Progressive wins, click HERE.
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  1. I just found this site. I strongly agree with the preceding two remarks.

  2. I would highly recommend the Corbett Report in general (Not to be confused with Stephen Colbert) and I also would highly recommend trying to get in contact with him if you haven’t already as he is a very reliable source of information at least in my opinion.

  3. Hey Lee, given your whole “Holy shit what the fuck!” moment with the MLK thing I’d be curious to see your reaction to this video and its citations. It basically explains the 9/11 official story and the reasons why people think there’s a conspiracy behind it in under 5 minutes. But he backs up literally everything he says with citations and sources which you can click on in the transcript. And besides that the video itself is kinda funny. But not as funny as you xD

    I’m aware that the 9/11 thing is kinda like plutonium and thus I will understand if you don’t want to touch it but I thought I’d pass it on anyways.

  4. Way to speak truth to power!! We shall overcome the Wall Street Empire and their stooges in the two-party machine and the corporate media when enough people try, and more people will try when they learn the truth!! Power to the people right on!! We are the 99%!!

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