Audio Podcast #190 – New words, bank criminals, rocket launchers and more…

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1) Both songs played were from Hierosonic’s first album entitled “Kymatica”
2) Senate rejects rules for warrantless wiretapping, FISA – CLICK HERE FOR STORY
3) Rocket launcher brought to LA gun buyback CLICK HERE FOR STORY
4) Year of Meh – The New York Times Magazine describes “all those things in life that exist at the top of the fat middle of the bell curve of taste.” CLICK HERE FOR STORY
5) Bank fines top $10 Billion – (UBS and LIBOR, HSBC and drug money, mortgage fraud) but nearly half the funds just go into government coffers. CLICK HERE FOR STORY

  1. Hey Robin, forgive the delay. I have added the show notes under the podcast. Both songs played were from Hierosonic’s first album “Kymatica.”

  2. Can someone please tell me the titles of the music played in the last podcast #190? There where many good songs!
    Keep fighting!

  3. wish i could say that this was the worst thing i had ever heard – but i cant!!! i just cant do it!!
    like the music clips and the way you use them to come into/out from topics. maybe you could use tracks that are kinda about what you wanna talk about – that make sense? like you could use the tune “Resistance” to talk about Occupy……anyways,not my show so i’ll shut the fuck up!! lol

    keep fighting,Lee! 🙂

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